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Frequently Requested By-laws


By-laws contained herein, have been prepared in this format for the purposes of convenience only and are not certified true copies.  For accurate reference, consult copies of the official By-laws and documents in the Records Division of the Office of the City Clerk.

An alphabetical list of the most Frequently Requested By-laws is provided below.  To access a copy of a by-law including amendments, click on the appropriate link(s) in the corresponding column. 


By-law No. 12-031


By-law No. 07-160 
Backflow Prevention By-law No. 10-103
Building Permits By-law No. 08-161 
Cemetery Hamilton
Council Procedures By-law No. 14-300
Development Charges Hamilton
By-law No. 10-142
(Apportioning of Costs of
Division Fences - Urban)
By-law No. 08-108
(Swimming Pools)
By-law No. 03-125
Firearms By-law No. 05-114
Fireworks By-law No. 02-285
Fortification By-law No. 10-122


By-law 04-091
By-law No. 07-170  
Lottery Licensing By-law No. 15-051
Noise By-law No. 11-285
Office of the Integrity Commissioner
(Office Consolidation)
By-law No. 08-154
Open Air Burning By-law No. 02-283
Motorized Snow Vehicles Ancaster | Hamilton | Stoney Creek
By-law No. 01-218
Parks By-law No. 01-219
Pesticides By-law No. 07-282
Property Standards By-law No. 10-221 | By-law No. 10-118 (Yard By-law)
Public Nuisances By-law No. 09-110
Sewers and Drains By-law No. 06-026 
Sewer Use By-law No. 14-090  
Signs By-law No. 10-197
Site Alteration     By-law No. 03-126
Site Plan Control By-law No. 03-294
Snow and Ice By-law No. 03-296 
Solid Waste By-law No. 09-067
Souvenirs and Mementoes By-law No. 03-302
Standing Water By-law No. 03-173
Streets Hamilton By-law No. 86-077
Traffic By-law No. 01-215 
Trees - Public Property By-law No. 06-151
Trees - Private Property             Ancaster     Dundas     Stoney Creek
Trees - Woodland Conservation Regional By-law No. R00-054      
Notice of Intent to Cut, Burn, or Destroy Trees Application Form
Vacant Building Registry By-law No. No. 10-260
Vital Services By-law No. 09-190
Waterworks Regional By-law No. R84-026
Whistleblower By-law No. 09-227
Wildlife (To Regulate the Feeding of) By-law No. 12-130