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Provincial Offences Administration (POA)

Provincial Offences Administration & Prosecution

Effective February 7, 2000, the City of Hamilton assumed the responsibility for the administration and prosecution of the Provincial Offences within the former Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, now the New City of Hamilton. Provincial Offences charges can range from charges under the Highway Traffic Act, Compulsory Automobile Act, Liquor Licence Act and Trespass to Property Act.

The Provincial Offences Office for the City of Hamilton is located at 45 Main Street, East, Suite 408, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2B7, within the John Sopinka Courthouse.

You can pay your fine, request a first attendance hearing or trial, file an appeal, order a transcript or make a general inquiry concerning the administration of your Provincial Offences matter. The administrative section of this office is part of the Clerk’s Division for the City of Hamilton and our direct line is (905) 540-5592. You can reach our office by fax at (905) 540-5730. You can also arrange to process your fine payment by credit card by contacting our office. Staff will require a fax number to forward the appropriate form to you for completion and signature. You will then need to fax this form to our office and the payment will be processed within 24 hours of receipt.

Payment Methods
Your payment can be made in person to this office and made by the following methods: cash, cheque, money order, debit, visa and mastercard. Mail payments are also accepted by all previously mentioned methods except cash & debit. Please be sure to include your offence notice, notice of fine and due date or the ticket number with your payment.

Internet payment option available by visiting this page or which includes a $3.00 handling fee when using your visa or mastercard for payment.

Telephone payments can be made by calling 905 540-5592.

Online Forms 
To speed up the administrative process, we have made some of our forms available online.  Fill them out and bring them to our court location at John Sopinka Courthouse, 45 Main St. E., 4th Floor, Suite 408, Hamilton.  Click here to access forms

The prosecutors are located within the Provincial Offences Office and can be reached for disclosure at the address mentioned above. The prosecutors are part of the Legal Services Department for the City of Hamilton.  Fax number dedicated to prosecutors- 905 546-2620.

Early Resolution - Effective March 31, 2012
Early resolution is an informal meeting between the defendant or accused person and a prosecutor respecting a charge issued by means of an Offence Notice (more commonly referred to as a ticket). This process does not include parking tickets. The meeting is voluntary and may be requested in person, by mailing the offence notice to the address on the rear of the offence notice or ticket and if you live more than 75 kilometers from the court house, you may qualify for an electronic early resolution meeting. Court Administration will schedule the date and time of the meeting and the defendant will be notified by mail. The defendant may appear at the meeting in person, by counsel or agent. Witnesses are not required and the police officer or other enforcement officer will not be present. These meetings are brief; however, it is an opportunity to ask the prosecution’s position to the charge(s), the amount of any fine being sought or to seek additional time to pay a fine. If the defendant agrees to a resolution, the matter is brought before the court on the same day as the meeting and a justice of the peace may confirm the agreement. A defendant may request, of the justice of the peace, additional time to pay any fine. If no agreement is reached between the prosecutor and the defendant, the matter may be set for trial. It should be noted that in the event a defendant, or his or her agent, fails to attend the Early Resolution meeting, the court might enter a conviction in their absence.

Trials for Provincial Offences matters are heard at the John Sopinka Courthouse, 45 Main Street, East, Suite 408, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2B7. Trials are scheduled into courtrooms 300, 320 or 326. A court docket is posted outside each courtroom for the cases for the current day according to the tier they are scheduled into.

To make an inquiry or order a transcript, please contact a court monitor for the Provincial Offences office by calling (905) 540-5592.

Link To Ontario Court of Justice Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases