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Human Resources

120 King Street West, Suite 900,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8P 4V2
Telephone: (905) 546-4462 
Fax: (905) 546-2650

Human Resources is a division of the City Manager's Office. We provide a full range of Human Resources programs and services to enable the City to meet its service delivery goals in accordance with Council's directions and applicable employment legislation.

The Executive Director of HR & Organizational Development, Helen Hale Tomasik, ensures that all human resource programs contribute to the effective and efficient operation of the City, within the parameters set by Council and applicable employment legislation.

Compensation & Organization Design Section

Compensation and Organization Design section is a key contributor to our talent management strategy. This portfolio provides: compensation administration, job evaluation and other related compensation policies and programs; benefit programs administration, payroll processing, human resources information and records management system; as well as consultation services on organization design and organizational structure review.

By developing leading edge human resources practices and fostering strong client relationships, the Compensation and Organization Design team:

  • Provides expert advice to all leadership levels of the organization on compensation, benefits and organization design;

  • Creates and implements strategic compensation and organization design solutions that meet business requirements and align with the City's overall strategic direction;

  • Enables the City to manage its human capital more effectively by acquiring and supporting human resources technology that: provides real-time insight into our workforce, identifies workforce trends, automates strategic human resource processes to support talent management and workforce planning, and provides reporting and analysis capabilities that enables management decision-making;

  • Ensures a "best practice" approach to creating and implementing compensation and organization design practices, policies and programs;

  • Ensures the accurate processing of all employees' pay and benefits and is the keeper of the official employee files for the City.

Employee & Labour Relations Section

Employee and Labour Relations is responsible for the overall management and administration of the related functions throughout the City.  Charged with the overall responsibility for delivering the City's bargaining mandate, Employee and Labour Relations is responsible for the collective bargaining process for 19 collective agreements within the City as well as other related Boards and Agencies.  Through facilitating the development and sustainability of constructive relationships, the team strives to achieve effective and productive work environments across all employee groups in the City.


As part of their overall mandate, the Employee and Labour Relations section:

  • Provides labour relations strategies that support optimal employee and labour relations in a fiscally responsible manner;

  • Develops and maintains positive labour relations with multiple bargaining agents as well as manages existing processes aimed to improve overall working relationships with all employees;

  • Provides employment advice, including legislative rights and compliance, on matters relating to both union and non-union employees;

  • Leads research and development of human resource policies and programs in areas affecting employee and labour relations, ensuring a "best practices", participative and proactive approach throughout the corporation;

  • Works collaboratively with clients to proactively address unique employee and labour relations issues, while aligning departmental directions and priorities with City's overall strategic direction for employee and labour relations.

Employment Services Section

Ensuring that the City of Hamilton is ready with the right people in the right jobs at the right time, the Employment Services section has shifted its approach to incorporate value-add services. The Employment Services team provides guidance in the areas of workforce planning, attraction and selection of top talent. Further, by ensuring employees are successfully transitioned to their workplace, the Employment Services team initiates the employee engagement process.

By developing and fostering strong client relationships, Employment Services is able to partner with City departments to build a workforce which can deliver on the current and future goals and objectives of the organization. This team:

  • Provides advice to management at all levels of the organization on recruitment approaches and selection strategies; participates on selection panels as required;
  • Conducts proactive and targeted recruitment drives for "hard to fill" City positions;
  • Works collaboratively with departments in the strategic areas of workforce planning, talent replacement, and succession planning initiatives;
  • Ensures a "best practices" approach to staffing and talent recruitment programs which respect Hamilton's diversity;
  • Collaborates with Return to Work Services to proactively place work accommodated employees in appropriate positions.

Job Opportunities available to the public can be found at here.

Health, Safety & Wellness Section

The Health Safety and Wellness section supports the City in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. The team is involved with the continuum of health, safety and wellness-related policies and programs that promote healthy living; minimize and ultimately eliminate workplace incidents, absences, occupational disease; and ensure injured or ill employees have an early and safe return to work.

The team:

  • Develops, implements and evaluates health promotion programs that encourage active, healthy living and improve the well-being of the City's workforce;
  • Develops, supports and enhances proactive, effective health and safety programs to help prevent workplace injury and illness and achieve compliance with legislation and best practices;
  • Administers claims for injured and ill employees and assists employees with early and safe return to work by facilitating temporary modified work and workplace accommodation;
  • Advises on disability matters related to performance and attendance management;
  • Provides lost time administrative coordination related to short-term and long-term disability, and monitors employee absences.

Human Rights

Human Rights Specialists ensure the City is compliant with legislative requirements under the Ontario Human Rights Code, Employment Standards Act, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Human Resources is committed to human rights and diversity and supports the City's goal of becoming a more inclusive and respectful workplace. The principles of human rights, diversity and equity are reflected in corporate policies, procedures and codes of practice.

The Human Rights Specialists:

  • Proactively educate City employees on their rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the corporate Harassment and Discrimination Prevention policies.
  • Provide neutral and unbiased advice to any employee seeking assistance with workplace issues of bullying, harassment or discrimination; provide consultation and/or alternative dispute resolution as appropriate.
  • Investigate harassment and discrimination complaints, prepare reports on findings and make recommendations.
  • Advise management on their responsibilities and obligations to create and maintain a respectful and supportive workplace.
  • Monitor case law and best practices as they relate to the City's obligations as an employer under the Ontario Human Rights Code and Personal Harassment Prevention policy.

Organizational Development Section

The Organizational Development section of Human Resources holds the fundamental purpose of ensuring that the City of Hamilton maintains a corporate culture of learning, development and performance excellence. Working with individuals and teams, primarily through the City's leaders, the Organizational Development Section (referred to as OD) assists with engaging the full development and potential of the people in our organization.

The OD Team:

  • Develops programs designed to support performance excellence - performance management, performance coaching, learning and development plans, management skills development, employee orientation and on-boarding;
  • Supports management in their program and organizational change initiatives to ensure that employees are enabled to work in new ways that improve organizational effectiveness;
  • Facilitates teams toward effective and productive work environments through organizational reflection, team building, and system improvements;
  • Coordinates the City's Critical Incident Peer Support Team (CIPS);
  • Develops, implements and evaluates effective and current HR Policies and Procedures; researches and analyzes HR metrics to inform HR planning;
  • Develops employee engagement initiatives that support employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization e.g. recognition programs, diversity and engagement surveys.