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Message from the City Manager

Welcome to the City of Hamilton!

Whether you're a new, existing or prospective employee, use this site to get better acquainted with our city, our organization, and the programs, services and benefits available to our employees

The City of Hamilton is striving to become a "city of choice" for high performing public servants where employees experience challenging, rewarding, enjoyable, and fulfilling careers.  To help us achieve that goal, we're developing a range of new employee programs for this year and beyond that promote...

  • Respectful and supportive workplaces
  • Life-long learning opportunities
  • Leadership and innovation
  • Performance excellence

Hamilton is the fourth largest city in Ontario, and has 9,000 municipal employees working in a wide range of disciplines and career fields. We're proud of our endeavours and the many important public services we deliver to over half a million residents. It is our hope that the city motto "Together Aspire, Together Achieve" will guide your daily activities and that, as a City of Hamilton employee, you take every opportunity available to excel in your service to the community.

Welcome aboard if you're just joining us, and best of luck!